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Please read carefully the following car rental terms and conditions.

The car tenant agrees to the following terms and conditions:
This vehicle is intended exclusively for personal use by the tenant who has signed the car rental agreement, or the person designated as an additional driver by the tenant in the rental agreement.

Right to terminate an agreement
Elite Cars Rental reserves the right to ask the tenant to return the vehicle if the latter has breached the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

This vehicle cannot be used:

• For any unlawful transfer of persons, objects or goods, and for any purpose that violates the Greek law
• For transporting passengers or objects with indirect or direct payment to the tenant
• To propel or tow another vehicle
• To participate in racing events and demonstration or car testing events
• Off the island of Corfu without the prior written permission of Elite Cars Rental
• By a person being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
• By a person who does not have a valid driving license for at least one year before the date of the car rental

• By a person who has, over the last 2 years, been convicted of any offense connected with a motor vehicle, with the exception of tickets for illegal parking
• By a person who was refused insurance or renewal of insurance by an insurance company, or got an insurance contract with additional terms and conditions
• By any person with mobility problems that would require a special vehicle or by any person with visual or hearing impairments

Fleet availability
At Elite Cars Rental our cars are sorted by category and not by car model. As a result, our company reserves the right to provide the tenant with a different car model of the same or higher category than originally intended. If the tenant only wants a specific type or model of car, he should contact the company and make it clear.

Number of passengers
All our vehicles are secured for the maximum number of passengers by category and model.The boarding of excess passengers is prohibited.

Insurance coverage
Our vehicles are insured and covered for damages, injuries, etc., as defined by Elite Cars Rentals contract with the insurance company, and provided that the driver makes proper and lawful use of the vehicle.

Personal belongings
The personal belongings of the tenant are not covered by this particular insurance policy. Please make sure your personal belongings are not visible in an unattended vehicle. The vehicle must be locked in all cases where it is not in use.

No insurance applies in the following cases:

• When the driver of the vehicle is not named in the Rental Agreement
• When the driver causes an accident under the influence of drugs or alcohol
• When an accident occurs at a time exceeding the specified day and time of the return of the vehicle
• When the car is driven on inappropriate roads (eg dirt roads) or driven on a flat tire

• When the driver of the vehicle violates the Greek Road Traffic Code
• When the vehicle is used for illegal activities or activities not permitted by the Rental Agreement
• When the vehicle is parked illegally
• If the driver has not taken the necessary measures to secure the car (safe parking and lock)

Damages / thefts
In the event of damage or theft of the vehicle by the tenant’s fault or negligence, the lessee shall be liable to the extent of the commercial value of the car at the time of the accident or theft.

The tenant is also responsible for:
• Damages caused by intention or negligence
• Damages caused by a breach of the terms and conditions of the car rental agreement
• Damage caused while the car was aboard

Cases of accident
In the event of an accident or other events, the tenant should contact Elite Cars Rental directly. The tenant can follow the insurance process by taking pictures of the vehicles, acquiring witnesses names and addresses, as well as the drivers name and addresses and the vehicle data that the rental vehicle may have collided with. The tenant will call the police if necessary and will accept no responsibility or fault for the accident until the police find the culprit. Under no circumstances should the vehicle be removed from the site until the cause of the accident has been clearly stated.

Onboard transportation of the rental car
The use of the car outside the island of Corfu and its onboard  transportation is not allowed. Elite Cars Rental may authorize the car to be transported onboard by giving the tenant a special permit in writing. During the embarkation, stay and disembarkation, the vehicle is not covered by any insurance cover. Any damage or loss is solely at the expense of the tenant.

Key loss or damage
In case of loss or damage of the car key during the rental, the cost of replacement is borne by the tenant.

Traffic infringement fines
Any fines and costs incurred in violation of the Greek traffic law and the laws of the Greek State shall be borne exclusively by the car tenant.

Baby seats
Elite Cars Rental provides free of charge child seats on request.

GPS / navigation system
The GPS navigation system is available free of charge upon request and subject to availability.

Fuel policy
The fuel costs are borne by the vehicle renter, who is required to return the rental vehicle with the same fuel level as when the lease period began. If the vehicle is returned with a lower fuel level, the difference will be charged to the tenant, calculated at the current fuel price level. Elite Cars Rental does not grant refunds for extra fuel.

Return of vehicle
The tenant is obliged to return the car at the day, time and place specified in the lease agreement. Any change to the above requires the Company’s prior written consent. Should the renter fail to meet the above obligations, he will be charged according to the Elite Cars Rental price list.

Vehicle’s condition
The vehicle must be returned to the company in the condition received by the tenant. Specifically, the vehicle must be returned with all the equipment, tools, accessories and the fuel level it had when it was received, and of course without any damages whatsoever. In all other cases, the tenant is obliged to indemnify Elite Cars Rental, according to the company’s price list.

Vehicle pick up
The tenant is obliged to pick up the vehicle within half an hour of the agreed time of delivery. In the event that the tenant does not show up, or fails to timely notify the company of the new delivery time, Elite Cars Rental reserves the right to rent the car elsewhere and not refund the deposit.

Extension of the rental period
Any extension during the rental period of the vehicle must be reported to Elite Cars Rental immediately and in person. Otherwise, the tenant will not have any kind of insurance coverage. The company may cover the request to extend the rental period of the vehicle based on availability.